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Geek fashion: from TV series to reality

The term Geek has been circulating for many years now, and men’s (but also women’s) fashion has adapted to this fashion that has become more and more important over time.

Just think of how trendy the characters of the Big Bang Theory TV series have become, especially the protagonist who in turn sported Geek or Nerd shirts as many say.

Geek is a term that derives from English and was used to describe eccentric characters, originally this word had a not very positive connotation since it went to underline constant and almost morbid obsessions or intellectual searches.

Later, however, this term was re-evaluated and transformed into a positive meaning since it intended to outline a cultural movement.

Use of the term Geek

Many people use the term Geek in a self-referential way often as a term that implies a pride felt in defining themselves in that way, sometimes instead referring to people who are continuously interested in a specific topic.

But this term has different meanings, perhaps that’s why it has gone from an “offensive” term to a fashion trend.

Let’s see some of these meanings together:

  • It indicates a person extremely interested in technology, especially in the field of information technology and that of new media.
  • It indicates a subject who has a real devotion to something that makes him emerge as an alternative personality compared to the norm.